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"That's Awesome!". The typical reaction to someone's iCard

Film a quick hello on your phone and we'll build it into your iCard. Then clients will enjoy your greeting every time they open it. It's guaranteed to make them feel good and set you apart.

Built exclusively for phones, iCards deliver a rich multimedia experience to the viewer.

When someone opens it they enjoy your warm greeting. This personal touch reinforces your bond and strengthens your brand. They also have different ways to contact you all in one place.

In reality the card is a video with hotspots. It can be viewed on any phone. As it plays through, different areas in the video become hot (tapable).

iCards are accessed by web link or QR code and can be bookmarked and added to the home screen making you super accessable.

iCard functionality includes the ability to call, email or text as well as jump off to external sites and apps. Trigger popups that contain info, images, video, links and more. They are incredibly powerful!

Get yourself a multi-layer iCard that customers and